"We love what we do and we love helping others succeed at what they love doing!"

Angelo Senna - Director

The goal of a service provider is to provide an awesome service.

PROLIST gives you software to list, create and activate faster than ever before! To keep your high performing sales team on top of their game, we offer software as a service. We're constantly improving our products and automating the boring, lengthy jobs so you can succeed at what you do best, SALES! Our fully scalable real estate software console works seamlessly across all PC, mobile & tablet devices, connecting lead generation & reports to the PROLIST PocketPA Agent CRM. To explore the full capability of PROLIST, please visit our services page for more information on what PROLIST can do for you.

PROLIST is an information technology company based in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia. Print Ready (the fore-runner) was conceived in 2005 to provide a simple to use, sign creation program for local real estate agents, to meet the growing demand for speedy, locally produced, high quality full colour signage.

As a spin off from the sign creation package and to meet the demand for a cost effective real estate system, PROLIST has been developed to streamline all aspects of real estate advertising and marketing. PROLIST is an approved software package for all brand franchises, as well as being endorsed as a data supplier and handler for all major real estate portals.