Coronavirus: A guide for sellers

New procedures that have been implemented by agents to ensure the wellbeing for all involved in the selling process, so you can continue to sell your home as smoothly and safely as possible.

With online or private inspections and online auctions readily available, agents are swiftly adopting technology as a tool to ensure you receive the best possible result for your property.

Continue reading for frequently asked questions surrounding the impacts of coronavirus on property sellers.

Am I still allowed to move home?

Yes.  Moving is considered an acceptable reason to leave your home, and is essential when buying or selling a home.

Removalists are operating, and are taking the right precautions.  If you need assistance moving home, look for a reputable company and ask about social distancing and hygiene measures they are taking, and make sure the company is one you are comfortable dealing with.

If you are using a removalist, you minimise the amount of contact necessary by packing all small items into boxes, and draw a simple map of rooms in your new home marked with where you would like furniture positioned.

If you normally help removalists when moving home, it's now best to stand back and let them do the job.  It's also best to use contactless payments where possible.

Should I wait to sell my home until coronavirus is over?

It's unclear how long the coronavirus outbreak will continue, and how long efforts to slow the spread of the virus will have an effect on everyday life.

It's understandable if you are concerned about the potential impacts that the coronavirus outbreak may have on your plans to sell your home.  After all, the recent restrictions around open house inspections and public auctions might mean the sale of your home will need to continue in a way that you did not anticipate.

For many people, plans to buy a new home and sell an existing home will need to continue.  Growing families or job opportunities are just some of the reasons home owners may need to sell their home.  Fortunately, the property market is continuing to operate and has adapted to the changing conditions.

Online inspections and private inspections continue to allow people to inspect properties, while online auctions allow properties to be sold under the hammer.

There are no changes to the way private treaty sales operate, so if you were planning on selling your home via private treaty, you can still go ahead largely as normal.

If you are concerned about the economic impacts that coronavirus and social distancing restrictions may have on your plans to sell, it's best to talk to a financial advisor or mortgage broker about your personal situation so you have the confidence to make an informed decision.



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