How to get your rental application to the top of the list this year

With more competition for sought-after properties, how do you stand out from the crowd?

1. Fill in the application correctly

It may sound obvious, but leaving gaps can create a bad impression.  If the agent can't prove to the landlord you can pay the rent and look after the property, they will move on to the next application.

A Property North's real estate agent commented on the number of applicants wanting pet-friendly properties.

"Put in as much information about your pet as possible and include a photo," he said.  "That always helps, because sometimes the landlord might picture some big dog, but really, it's just small and cute and isn't going to create damage.

1. Prove you have paid rent on time

The landlord wants to know that you'll pay the rent on time, so any evidence of your track record will be needed.

Your previous rental agency can provide a tenant ledger of your past payments.  A reference from the owners of the property also helps.

Some applicant may not have a tenants ledger due to owning property.  In this case, proof of home ownership and history of mortgage repayments needs to go with the application.

3. Show you're a good person

Real estate agents need to recommend who they think will be ideal tenants to the landlord.  After providing the correct paperwork, they need to know you're a reasonable, clean and reliable person.

Some property managers look up applicants online and may ask for written references.  

4. Prove you have income coming in

Recent payslips and bank statements no older than six months are crucial.  Otherwise, income from property or other means such as Government benefits need to be provided.

If you have just commenced new employment and a payslip has not yet been issued to you or have other matters regarding your employment or other sources of income, please communicate this with the property manager so there are no delays with the application process.

5. Show you will look after the property

The landlord needs to know their property is in good hands and looked after.  Any information you can provide to prove this will work in your favour.  Property managers are the first point of reference.

The tenancy database will also provide information on how well the property was looked after while in your care.  If it was damaged and you were ruled against at tribunal, it would be recorded there. 


If you have any concerns with your application please call us on (07) 4750 4000 to discuss this with our property managers.  The Explore Property Townsville team are here to help.





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