HTTP Is No Longer Secure

Google Chrome users who visit unencrypted https:// websites will be confronted with warnings from tomorrow. The changes will come for surfers using the latest version of Google Chrome, version 68. Any web page not running HTTPS with a valid TLS certificate will show a "Not secure" warning in the Chrome address bar from version 68 onwards. The warning will apply both to internet-facing websites and intranet sites accessed through Chrome.


Advantages of Implementing SSL Certificates (HTTPS)

Integrity of Data – Additionally, with SSL, you can guarantee integrity of data. For example, without SSL, it’s possible to not only intercept data going to and from the web server, but to change it as well!
Trust – If you get a certificate that shows the green address bar in the browser, you’re going to be giving your visitors a sense of trust, and when they know you’re taking their security seriously, they’re going to be appreciative.
Verification – One of the best things about installing an SSL Certificate on your server is that it guarantees your visitors you are who you say you are. This is important when trying to do business online.
Google and SEO – Last but not least, you have to take into consideration the recent announcements by Google that they’re going to improve ranking for websites with SSL Certificates installed.


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