How to get luxury curb appeal for your new home

First impressions matter – so how can you give your home’s appearance some ‘wow’ factor?  You’re choosing the kitchen cabinetry, picking out appliances and deciding on your dream bathroom. The floorplan is being finalised, you’re selecting the fixtures and locking down the final touches for the interior of your new home. But it’s equally important when building a new home to think about the outside.

Choosing an exterior look that reflects your personal style and pride in your home can give you instant curb appeal, says Marigold Corpuz, design manager at Studio M.

“From window frames to rendering and brickwork, your home’s exterior theme sets the tone for your interior décor,” Marigold says. The Studio M Centre brings together a range of products and professional décor consultants to advise Metricon’s customers on how to customise their dream home.

Icon exterior Metricon

It’s not just your neighbours who will appreciate a good-looking exterior.

Metricon’s ICON promotion includes a number of brands who’re the experts in designing a good-looking facade. For a cost of $9990, new homeowners can get $60,000 worth of upgrades from leading products, including Dulux AcraTex, Hume Doors & Timber Savoy’s range and Dulux Wash&Wear.

“Don’t settle for anything less than the best-looking home on your street,” adds Marigold. “Look at different facade designs and ideas, then choose something that expresses your own individual taste.”

So, where do you start?

Protect in style

Rendered homes are a popular choice with the three-step render system producing a hard-wearing but stylish finish. After a base coat, a texture coat is applied that can be fine or coarse, says Briana Keenahan, Dulux AcrtaTex spokesperson. A final top coat seals the render, which prevents cracking and staining.

“Choosing the texture can vary the look of your home,” Briana says. “Fine texture tends to be used on more high-end modern homes. Coarse texture is more forgiving, so it’s better for an uneven surface.

“Greys and blacks continue to dominate exterior renders. However, we recommend colours that have a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) rating over 35 to reduce the amount of heat absorbed into the surface.” Light, glossy or smooth surfaces have a much higher LRV compared to very dark, matt or textured surfaces.

Dulux exterior Metricon

A complementary choice of windows and door frames can add extra curb appeal.

Front and centre

Finish off your exterior and entrance with a statement front door.

“A timeless but grand entry makes a statement to anyone who visits your home,” says Marigold. “The Savoy 1200 door range uses joinery construction techniques featuring veneered laminated timber stiles and rails and a selection of glass options.”

“A black door in gloss is always a classic choice,” says Bonnie Jenkinson, Dulux interior product manager. “However, we have seen deeper colours rise in popularity, such as charcoal greys and steel blues. If you love bright colours, create your perfect door using orange, blue, yellow, pink or red.”

“Don’t be afraid to be bold with your front door,” adds Merridy Leonard, Dulux exterior product manager. “Try using lighter shades for features you want to highlight, such as fretwork and windows. These will contrast against the main exterior colour and create a beautiful statement.”

Metricon Hume Savoy exterior

Consider landscaping and lighting options to further enhance your curb appeal.

Inside and out

Continue the curb appeal inside your home by choosing quality paint and colours that build on neutrals or soft, earthy colours. Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 includes colour stories and trends like Comeback, which works well with antique pieces teamed with contemporary items that use rust, mustard and tonal blues.

“If you are more of a nature lover, opt for a trend like Cultivate that works in the majority of homes. It aims to bring elements of nature inside your home such as earthy shades, gentle greens and chalky blue,” Bonnie says.

“Your home needs to reflect you. It’s where you spend the majority of our time, so it is important to create a space you love to come home to.”

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